Feminists@MIT is a group of self-described feminists, womanists, anti-sexists, and gender equality advocates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are committed to social justice and ending oppression based on (but not limited to) gender. We strive for a deeper understanding of the ways in which oppressive hegemonic norms maintain the unacceptable status quo. We are dedicated to an inclusive feminism that leaves no marginalized voice ignored and acknowledges the intersectionality of various forms of oppression.

Our goal is to end gendered oppression through education, activism, and outreach within MIT. We aim to engage the MIT community through connecting people with community and campus resources, supporting MIT students pursuing WGS academically or professionally, fostering discussion of gendered oppression on campus, mobilizing the student body politically, and organizing social events to build community.

Check out our Upcoming Events, or read About the Issues!

Download our feminists midway handout from the MIT Activities Midway 2012.

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